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When you begin planning a vacation, one of the most important steps is to book a hotel room for your stay. After you have made your arrangements to take off work and get to your destination, you will have to figure out an affordable place to stay. There are many ways to approach hotel booking, the most tried and true being purchasing a vacation package through a travel agent. However, travel agents are becoming more expensive and less practical as Internet travel booking becomes the norm.


Cruise the Caribbean by: Corsa Roceraz

Vacationing in the Caribbean is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. From beautiful Belize to the truly amazing St.Barts, the Caribbean islands have tons to offer in terms of rest and relaxation. Whether you are traveling with the entire family or are planning a romantic vacation with your special someone, you can rest assured there is an island resort guaranteed to meet your every need.

When planning your Caribbean vacation, the first thing you must do is determine which island you'd like to visit. While this might seem a grueling decision, you can take comfort in the fact that when it comes to the Caribbean islands, you really can't make a wrong choice. With crystal clear water on all sides and delicious sunshine bathing each one in warmth and luxury, the Caribbean islands are a wonderful place to spend any vacation.

Caribbean vacations can generally fit just about any budget. Whether you have several hundred or several thousand dollars to spend on your holiday, you can find several Caribbean travel packages to suit your budget. When searching for reasonable travel packages to the Caribbean, the best place to look is the Internet. Conduct a search and you'll see: there are literally thousands of options from which to choose.

Caribbean vacations are a wonderful experience for people of all ages and cruises are the best way to truly experience everything the Caribbean has to offer. You can find the best deals via the Internet but read on below to find out more.

An Eastern Caribbean cruise is the perfect option for both first-time cruisers and experienced travelers looking for a slow and relaxing pace in comfortable surroundings. They are also ideal for people who have never been to the Caribbean before. Eastern Caribbean cruises are great for families because they visit only a small number of ports, so most of the cruise time is actually spent on board the ship and often with two consecutive days as sea.

There is plenty to do on the islands of the Eastern Caribbean. You can visit the famous beaches and try snorkeling, sailing, and or even golf. Shop for souvenirs and luxury goods imported from around the world including jewelry, perfumes, crystal, porcelain, cameras, electronics and more at tax-free prices at the extensive array of shops. And dont forget to have a cooling drink at one of the many cafes and restaurants. And if you are a gambler then you dont get left out either because the islands have the largest casinos in the Caribbean.

There is no doubt that the world's most popular cruising destination is the Caribbean and one of the most in demand tours includes the Bahamas and the eastern islands that define the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. During an Eastern Caribbean Cruise you will probably visit three or four of the following islands:

  • Nassau
  • St. Thomas, USVI
  • St. John, USVI
  • St. Maarten
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Tortola, BVI
  • Virgin Gorda, BVI
  • Cruise Line Private Islands

Eastern Caribbean cruises are very affordable and available year-round for 7 nights. Longer itineraries from 10-12 nights are available during the winter months.

Corsa Roceraz is the owner of BYE Cruises which is a premier resource for cruises information. for more information, go to |



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